Great Reasons Why You Need Personalized Ring Binders In 2023

Personalized ring binders are something you may not consider for your office in 2022, although; they will have great benefits to your business just after a little work.

Those custom binders are an old-known office method to organize company documents, with many possible sizes, and designs to choose whichever suits you the best.

However; it is highly recommended to go with personalized binders, to get exactly what your business needs, and reflect your business image too.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom Binders?

Sure; ordering personalized ring binders is an easy thing to do, still; take your time considering the next 5 points to end up with perfect custom binders:

  1. Cost: this is the first thing business’s owners take care of while looking for cheap options, however; do not forget that this is a highly cost-effective item among your office equipment.
  2. Ring style: one thing that controls ring binders’ functionality is the ring style, with many options to have what you need.
  3. File binders’ thickness: or ring size, to control the number of the sheet a ring binder can contain, which goes back to your business working amount.
  4. Custom binders’ covers: choosing the right design will help you to include personalized ring binders in your marketing strategy and brand awareness, moreover; better high-end files’ look in your meetings.
  5. Colours: are important also for ring binders, simply; to reflect your business visual identity, and with united colours files used in meetings equipment, you will boost the public image of your business too.

Ring-binder sizes to choose from, that fit your business needs:
It is critical for every business to get ring binders while considering different sizes of binders according to how much paperwork there is.

Each and every business can use different sizes for different departments.

As we said before you cannot run a business and avoid paperwork, fortunately, we came prepared with common sizes of ring binders to fit your business needs.

Binder sizes and how much paper they can handle:

  1. 5 inches binders: that can hold up to 850 pages.
  2. 4 inches binders: that can hold up to 700 pages.
  3. 3 inches binders: that can hold up to 550 pages.
  4. 2 inches binders: that can hold up to 400 pages.
  5. 1.5 inches binders: that can hold up to 350 pages.
  6. 1 inch binders: that can hold up to 200 pages.

5 Reasons To Add Ring Binder File To Your Office Equipment:

There are so many reasons to use personalized ring binders in your office, due to their amazing benefits on the working process in general:

1.   Business Organization:

This is kind of a worldwide usage of personalized ring binders, to set all your one kind of papers in file binders, by this; you will avoid any loss of important papers, or so.

Even; if you consider this an old school method, but you for sure will have paperwork in any business type, more than that; a binder with rings is usually used to organize other items too, like; checks, certificates, and business cards.

To make your usage to file binders more efficient, just add a name tag to write down what each ring binder file includes.

2.   Presentable:

Using personalized ring binders in your business will make your company more and more presentable among your employees and clients, moreover; boost your professionality level in a great way.

Think how custom binders send you far away from other competitors when presenting a work offer to potential clients, this shows how professional and committed you are, not only; to your project, but also; to your business public image too.

3.   Project’s Blog:

Whatever is your business’s category, or your company’s size, you need to set a project record or blog for each project.

Personalized ring binders will help you to maintain researches, reports, project’s stuff records, summaries from clients’ meetings, furthermore; your project’s future plans and goals.

After finishing; you can keep the project’s final analysis from all aspects and clients’ reviews, to set a complete file binder of the project.

4.   Company Photobooks:

Whether; you are making a professional portfolio photobook for your business work samples, or; just making a special one for your company’s memories, it is an awesome idea to use personalized ring binders with pockets for your photos.

With different types of ring binders files, you will for sure find the right type for your company photobooks.

5.   Brand Exposure:

One of the most effective uses of personalized ring binders is simply to boost your brand exposure and awareness, whether; you use it in clients’ meetings, offers’ proposals, or; even among your employees.

More than that; this will give your business an awesome first impression, when meeting with new clients, so; make sure to order your personalized ring binders with your logo, brand’s colour, and any other personal touch you use in your work, to have the impact you are looking for.


It is your business time to benefit from personalized ring binders, contact OfficeMe to have the best file binders in materials, quality, and design.