Flat Bed Foil Printer

Because emotions are essential in communication

The new Flat Bed Foil Printer allows you to personalize your books, notebooks, agenda, contracts, … . If you are about to present an offer, a contract or even yourself in a meeting, with the Flat Bed Foil Printer your work always stands out. The Flat Bed Foil Printer is a digital printer that prints foil directly from a digital file on any flat surface. Just connect the Flat Bed Foil Printer to your computer, download the software and start printing.



The foil printer impresses with its simple handling

Individually assembled presentations, master theses, dissertations, calculations, analyses and other documents can be perfectly presented with a stylish cover. For this purpose, we recommend the use of a foil printer based on intelligent operation: In the first step, you can create your own design using the associated software. This way, suitable titles and texts can be written on a laptop or PC, which are then transferred to the cover in the form of digital embossing. In this context, it should be noted that the software convinces with an uncomplicated operation: Accordingly, ready-made templates and settings are available for you to choose from, which is accompanied by a high level of comfort. Font sizes, fonts and other parameters can be changed variably. If required, you can not only write texts, but also integrate a PDF or logo, or import designs from the Internet. As a result, the software allows you to easily create designs that meet your personal requirements. The Foil Printer is the best-selling foil printer in Europe and is used in many areas. Our foil printers are very popular in the packaging industry, the labelling industry and copyshops.

Peleman Industries’ Foil Printers – Endless Quality Features

With a printed foil, book covers look noble and high-quality. Especially master theses and dissertations benefit from this. If you want to enhance the design of your compiled documents, our A3 film printer is the optimal solution: In direct comparison to the classic hot foil embossing process, this model does not require the creation of a cliché. In addition, the film printer stands for maximum flexibility and can be used for a wide variety of materials: These include paper, plastic and transparent cover sheets, which shows the enormous variety of applications. Another advantage is the possibility of individual design with regard to the color scheme: Accordingly, a wide variety of colors are available for digital embossing. Gold-colored prints, for example, look particularly noble, while bright colors are eye-catchers. With a foil printer it is possible to print in the colors white, black, red, blue, gold and silver. The foil printer from Peleman Industries is the only foil printer on the market with which larger formats such as DINA3 format can be printed.

Order your foil printer directly online!

The foil printer combines modern technology with a high level of user-friendliness. This model is perfectly matched to the high-quality Thermal Binding Machine and meets the highest professional demands. In our online shop you can order the A3 Foil Printer conveniently from home and at a reasonable price. If you have any questions about the functionality, software or other product features, we will be happy to advise you personally. We also offer you the opportunity to showcase our foil printers without obligation. For this purpose we can be reached by phone or e-mail. Discover our versatile product range now and order the versatile foil printer!


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