Why It Is Best for Institution to Have Its Own Diploma Cover

Having a diploma is a result of years of hard working, and the diploma is considered evidence of that work and efforts, that is why having a diploma cover could be the perfect way to display that achievement.

Coming to have a special and pre-designed diploma cover for your institution, not only shows a good caring from your side, and a free publicity for you by that cover, but also, this presents to your students how much you are proud of their hard working.

Consider the next 5 reasons, if you are thinking about it:

1.  Add personal touch:

There is nothing more personal for any institution, than having a custom diploma cover, that is only for your students, this will, for sure, make a better public image for your institution, boost the value of the certificate itself, and last but not least, give all your students a nice memory to hold-on from their studying years.

That is why, we encourage you to order certificate covers, or diploma cover, or whatever you like, but never forget to add your personal touch by adding your institution logo, using the colors you are famous for, and presenting your unique visual identity.

2.  Last forever with your students:

Whether, you are considering this for a high-school diploma cover, or a college diploma cover, the mutual thing will be, that it will last forever with your students.

Since, the diploma itself is made from paper, which is a fragile material, that could rankle, tear up, dis-colored, or have a rankled angles easily, that is why, we need to protect it in order to give it long lifetime.

Even that, there are several ways to protect a diploma, like, keeping it stored in a rigid tube, however, none of those ways will protect it from its fragile material nature, that a proper diploma cover made with good materials will.

Diploma cover will protect your diploma from acid, mold, and insects damage, after all the mentioned reasons above, you must have a it to protect your diploma that proves your great achievements, moreover, costed thousands of UAE dirhams.

institution diploma cover

3.  Cost-effective:

When talking about cost effective things, we mean things that will -by time- return its cost, moreover, protect the original value itself.

If you are bearing in mind, essential institution supplies for your workplace, keep in mind, diploma cover, custom diploma cover, or frames for diploma, they all will do their job to keep your students’ diplomas condition perfectly, especially, if you looked up good materials’ one, that will protect the diploma from weather factors, and sun affecting on the colors.

So, in order to have a cost-effective diploma cover, you must ask about the make-off materials, making techniques, more than that, the guaranty length, the makers are offering, all those factors will gather together to give you a cost-effective diploma cover.

4.  Allow to display achievement properly:

A diploma proves your hard working, and high-light your achievement, more than that, a diploma cover is the way to display your diploma in a great way, so, do not take this out from yourself.

Whether, you went with custom diploma cover on a table, or frames for diploma, you will create an eye-catching factor in the room for any walking-in person, however, do not forget to consider the room design to choose the perfect corner to display that diploma.

For all the reasons above, it is essential for any institution to add its touch to all of its students’ houses, by providing a custom diploma cover, that is only made for their institution, this will help them to show pride, not only in their achievement, but also, in their school or college as well.

5.  Keep the diploma in its main condition:

As the diploma is a piece of paper, it will need attention, and caring to stay in its main condition, moreover, protecting it from color fading, more than that, keep in mind that asking for another copy of a diploma will not be an easy process for the institution itself, and the student either.

No matter, how great the paper you use to print out your students’ diplomas is, it would be best to offer them a diploma cover to keep its main condition, moreover, show your high level of caring and pride of them, and of your diplomas too.

A proper diploma cover will protect your diploma for great display, and for its needed use in the future.


After knowing all the good reasons to have a custom diploma cover for your institution, now, it is time to hire the right professional for the service, who will take care of your diploma cover design, made-off materials, and eventually its harmonize with your whole visual identity.

At OfficeMe, we will not only provide you with high-quality diploma cover, but also, will study and know your visual identity to come up with a design that will represent you in the best possible way, from the color choosing, materials picking, to logo engraving.

Out team of professionals is a call away from making a perfect diploma cover for your institution, so, do not waste any more time, and contact us for all the service’s needed information.