The Greatest Glimpse Into The History Of Printer

When talking about the history of printer, we are not only talking about the printer itself and how it was evolved through the years, but in fact, we are talking about many human life features that were attached or developed by the presence and evolution of printers.

As you look around you, you would notice that all the details in your house, the office, or even in the supermarket has something printed on them, whether with captions to clarify any details, logo engraving, and the drawings on the packages of different products.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about the history of printer, its timeline, and its evolution, we invite you to continue reading with us.

The Deep History Of Printing:

If we are discussing the history of printer timeline, then we should go way back than just the invention of the computer printer, to be more accurate, this goes back to 3500 BCE when cylinder seals were used for printing on clay as the first prototype of printers.

Then it expanded into clothes printing, silk, and woodblock as the first usage of the paper printing, which we are familiar with in China during the 7th Century, which was the core of the great book production and printing industry.

On the 11th of May 868, the first known printed book “Chinese Artisan Bi Sheng” was published by the use of movable printing type, and that type turned into movable press type in January 1450, which was used in the creation of the first automatic printing in 1814.

In addition, from that date, the evolution of printers kept going on tell these days when a pocket-size printer for your photos is available.

The Breaking Point Into Computer Printing:

All of the recent history of computer printers, started with Xerox in 1938 which was invented by Chester Carlson, and developed later into the laser printers that we know and use.

For years the evolution of printers kept going on, till the installation of the first computer printer IBM 3800 in a real working office, furthermore, this system was a combination of laser technology and electrophotography.

Now, years afterward 1938, all office spaces must have a printer, printers, or even a whole printing area for big corporations to achieve faster and better working flow, without the need to go outside the office, or outsource such a simple and daily task.

The Evolution Of Printers’ Usage:

Therefore, after building a clear image for the history of printer’s timeline, it is important to talk about its modern usages, which were evolved as every useful innovation, to be part of our semi-daily life, or even daily in the business-wise.

After being an official way to document historical details, printing newspapers, or send  printed messages, now, with many types of available printers for home, commercial or desktop printers, these tools are used for packaging, photos printing, certificates, catalogs, and last but not least foil printing.

Types Of Printers:

There are many available brands and types of printers, that differ in sizes, printing styles, colors’ accuracy, and for sure in shapes and colors, however, selecting the right one depends on your usage, the size and type of paper you need to print on, and where you are going to use it, for illustration, a home office setup will not require a large printer as in a commercial printing house.

But do not worry, with a sea of choices and offers, you will for sure find the best printing machine for your work, needs, and budget.

The Future Of Printing:

After listing all the essential information about the history of printer, it is time to talk about the upcoming future of printers.

Today we are living in a fast-evolving world in which the printer’s industry is part of it, and even it looks like we are giving up on paper for newspapers, books, and even the business organizing process for the sake of digitalizing and e-documenting.

Yet, the printing industry includes way more than just paper printing, especially, with all the industrial packaging, brochures, calendars, planners, and last but not least, the amazing trend of 3D printing.

To Sum Up,

2022 indicators tell us that, as there was a history of printers, and evolution roadmap, there will be a future, however, despite anything, for now, you will for sure require a printer for personal or business usage, thus, make sure to buy the best type by contacting OfficeMe.

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