Frequent questions

Frequent questions

The purchase process is very simple:

  1. Select the product’s you want and add it to the shopping cart.
  2. Process the order.
  3. Enter your details.
  4. Choose the payment method you prefer.

If you prefer, you can also make the purchase by phone.

Simply call +0971 4 883 2627 and ask us for the product you want.

Yes, VAT is included in all our products and is detailed during the purchase process.

The price of the shipping service is 25 AED per order. For orders that exceed 300 AED, shipping costs are free.

You can pay for your purchases through the following forms of payment: credit card, debit card

The return process varies depending on the reason for the return:

  1. If upon receiving the product you detect any defect in the product or what you have received does not correspond to the one you requested, call us at +971 4 883 2627 .
  2. We bear the transport costs and take care of the collection of the item. Once it reaches our warehouses, either we process the refund of the amount or we send you the correct one, as you have indicated.

All of our products have a warranty period of 1 year.