5 Great WHYs You Need Customized Binding Covers For Your Business

When talking about customized binding covers then we are talking about high-end and strong covers, that will help you to present your reports and documents in the best way to let your business stand out among others in a fancy and confident way.

When doing binding covers, you can go with different covers styles, like: linen covers, hard covers, and clear binding covers, this print and binding process is popular for the great reason of being easy and it almost takes no time.


When To Use Binding Covers ?

This is a question that our clients ask us a lot, and the answer is as simple as the question: whenever you want to stand out among the crowds with report covers, document binding and proposal covers, this is your way to give your documents the benefit of the good first impression.


Who Can Do This ?

After having the great cover design you are looking for, it is now time to do binding covers, so; who can do this?

The answer is anyone with a binding machine, due to the fact that this is an easy 3 steps process (heating- clipping- and cooling) that will take less than 5 minutes of your time, to end up with custom binding covers that are not only amazing, but also; strong and reliable.


What Should You Know About Binding Covers ?

After finishing work on your document, it is now time to prepare for binding covers, with a few considerations to keep in mind:

·  Appearance :

Your business binding covers design and colours should start with your business brand and visual identity, so; make sure to choose from the wide range of colours the one that represents your brand in the best way.

On the other hand; whether you went with formal or informal binding covers design, do not forget to put your logo and name in both ways.

·  Size :

When choosing your custom binding covers, you should pick up the right size that goes with the papers and documents size to end up with the look you want, for example: if you like rounded corners covers or any other shape, then you need to pick up bigger binding covers than papers’ size.

Or; if you may be adding other details like USB and flyers with the pages, then you will need to go with bigger covers’ thickness.

·  Durability :

Choosing durable binding covers for your documents’ pages start with the document weight to know what kind of custom binding can hold up your work papers without any cover tear up.


5 Reasons why you need customized binding covers:

After knowing all the basic information about binding covers, it is the right time to talk about our reasons for you to have custom binding covers that can be done in many ways:

1.     Add a personal touch:

Adding a personal touch that represents you and your company to clear binding covers will have a great impact on your employees and clients.

This will help your customers to feel like they are having a really personal service, whatever is your business category, so; this will give you the benefit of them remembering your service and coming back to you in the future.

2.     Boost company branding:

If you searched through business branding elements, you will for sure find custom binding covers for reports, documents and presentations.

This will help you, not only to keep your visual identity in front of the client while presenting and after giving away your proposal, but also; this is kind of free publicity for you, when they take custom binding covers with them and their neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues see it with them.  

3.     High-end quality:

Going with binding covers, will give you the high-end finishes and look, moreover; the high-end and durable cover in materials and lasting, and that is why clear binding covers are the way to go if you are looking for high-end quality.

More than that; with today’s modern machines you will even have better durability especially; if you went with 3 steps machine.


4.     Better company credibility:

A professional company with its own working space, stuff of experts, clear visual identity, moreover; custom binding covers will have better credibility level in the market and among clients, than unprofessional and messy company.

More and more company credibility could be gained if the design of the binding covers is a part of the company visual identity.

5.     Easy and cost-effective:

Now; after knowing all of those reasons, it is time for another positive one the easy reason, making binding covers is easier than you think and can be done by anyone in your company.

 More than that; this is a cost-effective office equipment to be added when considering all its benefits, and the branding that is coming from it.


After considering;

All those reasons just contact OfficeMe to add the perfect binding machine to your office space.