5 Great WHYs You Need Customized Binding Covers For Your Business

When talking about customized binding covers then we are talking about high-end and strong covers, that will help you to present your reports and documents in the best way to let your business stand out among others in a fancy and confident way.

When doing binding covers, you can go with different covers styles, like: linen covers, hard covers, and clear binding covers, this print and binding process is popular for the great reason of being easy and it almost takes no time.

When To Use Binding Covers ?

This is a question that our clients ask us a lot, and the answer is as simple as the question: whenever you want to stand out among the crowds with report covers, document binding and proposal covers, this is your way to give your documents the benefit of the good first impression.

Who Can Do This ?

After having the great cover design you are looking for, it is now time to do binding covers, so; who can do this?

The answer is anyone with a binding machine, due to the fact that this is an easy 3 steps process (heating- clipping- and cooling) that will take less than 5 minutes of your time, to end up with custom binding covers that are not only amazing, but also; strong and reliable.

What Should You Know About Binding Covers ?

After finishing work on your document, it is now time to prepare for binding covers, with a few considerations to keep in mind:

·  Appearance :

Your business binding covers design and colours should start with your business brand and visual identity, so; make sure to choose from the wide range of colours the one that represents your brand in the best way.

On the other hand; whether you went with formal or informal binding covers design, do not forget to put your logo and name in both ways.

·  Size :

When choosing your custom binding covers, you should pick up the right size that goes with the papers and documents size to end up with the look you want, for example: if you like rounded corners covers or any other shape, then you need to pick up bigger binding covers than papers’ size.

Or; if you may be adding other details like USB and flyers with the pages, then you will need to go with bigger covers’ thickness.

·  Durability :

Choosing durable binding covers for your documents’ pages start with the document weight to know what kind of custom binding can hold up your work papers without any cover tear up.


Awesome Office Space Trends YOU Must-Have In 2022

We are standing on the doors of 2022 hoping for the best, and wishing that this year will be the year of going back to our office’s spaces.

So; to make this really exciting, do what is needed to make your office look as should be with a great office transition into 2022.

This transition will help you to build up the working spirit among your team and help them to belong to the company itself, hence; they will take this more personal and work from their hearts.

And to make the 2022 office transition more exciting and effective, we advise you, based on our experience, to consider adding the great next 7 office space trends and supplies:

1.   Printers & Binding Machines:

This is one of the first piece of office equipment that you must have in your office space to make your work faster with all the saved time from not needing to go to the printing store.

More than that; consider your office needs to add the right printer type to your space, whether; you just need a regular one, or a foil printer too, for any prototype printing.

On the other hand; binding machines are the needed tool to make your documents official and elegant in just 3 simple and fast steps.

2.   Wireless Charging Stations:

Since this charging type has been around for a while now, so; you should add it to your office equipment with its great and effective charging speed, more than that; this tool is an elegant one that will add a fancy touch to your space, instead of all the lost chargers and the mess of the chargers’ cables.

On the other hand; when you set a charging station it will even have a nicer effect since the employees will have to keep their smartphones in the station and automatically focus more on their tasks during working hours.

3.   Big Wall Calendar:

Even with today popularly used calendar apps, adding a big wall calendar to your office space will be a nice touch, that you can schedule on it all the important days, moreover; highlight the project timeline, this old-fashion way will help you to organize your teamwork amazingly.

Furthermore; consider adding a personal wall calendar that is designed just for your space with your brand visual identity colors and lines, more than that; add your employees birthday dates to the calendar and celebrate with them, to show them appreciation and add joy to the office.

4.   Design With Natural Materials:

This is a strong trend that is going to be stronger for 2022, especially; with the amazing calming effect that we all need in these days.

So; consider upgrading your office space, not only; with the latest office’s equipment, but also; with the new decoration trends in furniture, colors, and designing lines.

Furthermore; it is always great to let nature in your office space with simple steps, like: adding office plants, green wall decoration, and letting the greatest amount of sunlight in, these small moves will have a bigger effect on your working environment and working spirit than you imagine.

5.   Gaming chairs & Relaxing corners:

If you had troubles with your employees’ ability to stay still and work effectively, then it would be a good idea to set up more comfortable office furniture and chairs for them, this will have a good effect on your employees’ productivity and work quality, furthermore; update with today requirement, such as zoom meeting room with the needed tools.

On the other hand; do not forget about break corners, where your employees can take a good and relaxing break, moreover; give this corner an upbeat touch to help them enjoy this time, and go back to work with good energy.

6.   Boxes & Files Organizer:

Organizing your office files is an important step in your office growth, not only to avoid losing documents, but also; to save searching time when any file is needed in the future, and that is why you need ring-binder files with labels for office organizing.

On the other hand; office boxes also will be used for organizing office documents, office supplies, and employees’ desks surfaces, more than that; consider welcoming your employees in the new year with gift boxes full of 2022 office supplies, and maybe some personal gifts and even chocolate.

7.   Scanners:

A scanner is a tool that helps you to transform your work paper to a digital copy, that you need to digitalize for saving, or; to continue working and upgrading on it.

Many people would tell you that you can use your smartphone to scan, and even that is true, but; a scanner is more accurate and effective from a working perspective, especially; with its fast-connecting ability to any laptop or machine device in the office space.

A Conclusion:

To sum up all of this, modern office technology will make your tasks easier and faster, then; you will have great work quality with happier employees.

And for all of that we at OfficeMe provide you with the latest and most effective 2022 office equipment to add to your office space, so; just contact us to add 2022 supplies and equipment to your office.


How to Find Your Business Perfect Ring Binder Folders

It is a 101-business fact that the new year must start with full organized documents and finished projects, alongside a well-studied plan for the year that is going to start, so; set your business ready for 2022 and organize it in the best way with ring binder folders.

Ring binders are used in different ways for many business types, including: companies, offices, schools, and even for houses usage.

In this blog; we are going to present to you what you need to know when searching for the best ring binder folders for your business, or any other usage you need:

Ring Binder Elements:

Although in those days you can find three-ring binder folders in different materials for different uses, but; the main elements that combine together to create the ring binder folders are still the same, as it is still used for organizing as a main usage purpose from the beginning:

  • The Ring: that holds together all the parts and the added papers too.
  • The Pocket: this is not that popular in the ring binders’ world, it is installed with a self-adhesive and transparent layer, where you can put a card or whatever you want.
  • Covers: the hard element that surrounds your papers and protects them, moreover; this is the element that you can design visually as you like.
  • Labels: this is the tag, on which you can write any ring binder document related information, furthermore; it takes a place on the cover’s side so it is really clear.

Find Your Suitable Ring Binders:

When searching for the perfect ring binder folders, you should already know what you are going to use it for, and that will set the right specifications for you to choose, more than that; no matter what you are going to use it for, consider the next 5 factors before choosing:

1.    Usage:

What is your purpose from using ring binders, whether for storing and archiving work-related projects and documents, to display previous projects to potential clients, or; to seal the deal with a client and present your proposal in an elegant and shiny way.

However; knowing this usage is important to set the other factors, moreover; to choose ring binder folders with the right materials, that have good durability for the usage you want.

2.    Rings’ Style And Size:

Knowing the right rings’ style and size means that you will buy a cost-effective ring binder with the right size, since that; the ring controls the ring binder folders capacity and ability to hold all the number of papers you need.

With different ring styles (O-Ring, D-Ring, and Slant Ring) which are available in different sizes and materials, all you need to do is knowing the usage to choose the right one for you.

For example, if you are going to use ring binders for archiving in a basement then you need a wet durable material, with the size for a big number of papers.

3.    Covers:

Since the cover is the ring binder element that protects the papers contained in the binder document, then it is important to find the right cover for your usage circumstances.

The right cover comes with the right material, that serves you from all perspectives, in the look, texture, and durability.

4.    Size:

When talking about ring binder folders size and thickness, we are actually talking about the papers’ size and amount.

This means the worldwide famous A5, A4, A3 paper sizes, since; the binder document is made to handle them in, so; it makes sense that the size depends on them too.

More than that; knowing what you are going to use ring binders for help to set the thickness, which is controlled by the number of the papers that need to fit in.

5.    Design:

Now; after taking into consideration the 4 previous factors that combine together to create your business perfect ring binder folders, it is time to do some ring binders personalizing work to the ring binder, to make it more suitable for your business visual identity.

This can be done with different colors and patterns, more than that; by adding the company logo and name loud and clear on the cover, this will add a nice touch to your clients’ meetings and public image in general.


after knowing all information about those factors, we at OfficeMe guarantee you perfect ring binder folders for your business.


9 Essentials For Perfect Home Office Setup In 2022

Setting up a home office space is not only a trend to follow, but it is also becoming more and more essential for our life’s routine, whether; you are a full in-house worker, work for a couple of times a week from your house, or just in case for any emergency tasks that need to be done immediately.

To make your in-house office an effective space where you can focus easily and be productive, there are some workspace rules you must do right.

Explore with us all those essentials to make your dream home office a reality.

Where To Set Up Your Home Office:

Before starting to buy all the needed furniture and equipment for your house office, take a minute looking around your house to find the perfect corner, or room if you could, to set up your working station, answer the next 4 questions to help you find your helpful working spot:

·       What Do You Need?

Do you only work on a laptop with small desktop space required, or do you have documents and other stuff too?

·       Do You Work Online All The Time?

Then you will need a stable and close internet connection.

·       Will You Have A Lot Of Video Conferences?

So you must consider the office background that will be shown in the video call.

·       Do You Require A Quiet Place?

If you have kids or a big family and need to operate without interruption, then you need to find an isolated spot in your house.

9 Essentials Home Office Equipment:

So; after findings the perfect house office corner for your working style, it is time to add all the needed tools to make your work more productive and professional:

1.    Comfortable Chair:

Choosing a comfortable and healthy chair is important to protect your back health, and make your working hours easier.

Whether; you went with a gaming chair or a regular one, that does not matter, what only matters to be healthy and approved for a good back gesture.

2.    Big Desk:

The sure thing is you want a desk, however; you need to consider suitable desktop space before buying to make your work smoother, moreover; this depends on the work itself, and what you need to be always placed in your hand reach, with many modern desk styles in 2022 you can for sure find what you like and need.

3.    Something Green:

You require this for your psychological health with many studies showing the benefits of adding a green touch to your house office and your house in general, you will for sure notice the difference after adding this nice and calming element, furthermore; the good about this is that big or small plants can do this magical touch.

4.    A Calendar:

Stay focused and motivated to make things done on time, with a clear and big calendar with the projects’ timeline and other important details highlighted, so you will not miss any deadline.

This will keep your motivation level high, with a variety of calendars’ designs to choose from, or even order a custom one.

5.    Laptop With A Stand:

It is not only about having a laptop, but it is actually about having the right specifications for your job, so take your time to select the right one for you, and do not forget to add a stand to be able to put the laptop in the best position for you to use.

6.    Scanner And Printer:

This is typical work equipment for companies and house offices too, you will for sure need a printer to print some documents to put your notices on, or even to archive them, on the other hand; a scanner will help you to send work paper, or even digitalize a project you are working on, moreover; you have the option to buy a 2in1 device or to buy two devices.

7.    Speed And Staple Internet:

No matter what is your job description, you will need an internet connection these days, especially; when working remotely from home to do research, send reports and projects, that is why; you need to make sure that you have a stable connection, and you could even consider a wired connection direct to your working laptop.

8.    Good Lighting:

So; this will be your daily working space with hours spent to do tasks, and good direct light on the desktop will not only make this easier but also; will be healthier for your eyes in the long run, with many designs to choose what suit you the best.

9.    Files Cabinet:

With time; you will have so many papers that need to be organized, and a file cabinet with the right design for your house decoration is the best solution for you.

More than that; you should consider a binding machine to make this process more professional and elegant with every project own file.


Investing in your house office equipment is kind of investing in your work quality, so take the big step to add what you need, and always remember to contact us when you need high-end office supplies.


6 Amazing Steps To Start Your Business Organizing Process

If you have a running business then you will have documents and paperwork as a defined part of the working process, moreover, organizing these files is highly important and effective for the future of your business.

So, whether we are talking about a small company or a big one, they both will have paperwork, although the amount itself may differ from one company to another but it will still exist and get bigger over time, more than that, there will be different kinds of contracts, invoices, reports, records, employment applications, insurance policies, and financial statements for each project, employee, and department.

Although this is an overwhelming process while planning and going through, yet it has great results, moreover, it is necessary for every successful business, and that is why we advise you to go through it with the next amazing 6 steps.

The Benefits Of Business Organizing Process:

There are many benefits of organizing and documenting your business paperwork, whether you are running a company or working from a home office, that we are sure once you know them, you will start planning your own organizing process:

  • Effective and smaller storage space for documents with guaranteed access to them whenever needed.
  • A better workflow, since employees will not lose time searching for documents and files, moreover, all data will be clear to review for years to come.
  • Ensure documents security with backup recovery system from corruption or loss.
  • Increase the future projects’ and plans’ efficiency with clear data to review, moreover, once the process is done the future archiving process will be easy and routine.

6 Steps To Create Your Business Archive:

So, since you reached this point of our blog, then you are convinced of the importance of this process, and looking for the most essential and effective steps to create your business’s archive:

1.    Buy The Needed Tools:

Like any other business process, archiving will require a set of tools not only to make it easier, but also a successful one.

Although, this includes several machines, yet they are all necessary and will make a difference in the process, moreover, this may differ a little from one business to another.

These are the definitely included items:

2.    Set An Archiving Space:

Setting up a special space for the archiving room is essential, whether you have a lot of files or not, moreover, even if you went with full digital file organizing process, you will still need space for the process of filing and digitalizing.

On the other hand, you should consider having easy access to the space whenever you need to, moreover, a maintenance process should be considered for the future, with a good ventilation system to protect files from the humidity effect.

3.    Build A System:

Building your archiving system with a clear process will make this faster and more effective in the longer run.

So, part of building your system should include deciding whether to archive in traditional or digital method, moreover, if you are going to keep all the related paper of the project’s process and other business details as well, or just the final results of each process.

4.    Using The Right Software:

In modern life, even with a traditional archiving method, you will need archiving software with a great backup feature, for many uses including e-mails, tasks, and projects’ data that are available virtually.

More than that, with many available options you can find the right software for your working style, within your budget and with the best possible backup solution.

5.    Work Through Each Department:

As any company and regards its business category, it will have departments in it as a 101-business rule, so, when archiving for the first time, you should do it by each department separately, moreover, use ring binder folders in different colors for each one.

This working style will make it easier in the future to build on your archive, and come back for any needed documents and details.

6.    Purge Unneeded Documents:

Now, after deciding the archive system and archiving all the important paperwork and data, it is time to use the shredding machine to purge all the extra paper that is either unneeded, or have been digitalized.

This will help you to avoid piles of unnecessary paper in your office space, however, you should consider the “Seven-Year Rule” before purging, particularly, for financial paper and documents.

One Last Word,

The archiving process is important and effective in the growth of your business, moreover, you should schedule annual maintenance for the archiving space, and a reviewing process to get rid of unwanted paper.

Moreover, keep in mind that you can contact OfficeMe for any needed high-end office tools.


6 Incredible Advantages Of Foil Printing

With the high level of competition in the business world, you are for sure always looking for effective ways to attract attention, moreover, present your products and services in the best way, however, taking advantage of foil printing is an amazing move to push clients and customers into noticing what you are offering.

So, if you are looking for a luxurious design for your product, business card, portfolio, or even presentation to help your business stand out among the crowds you will need foil printing.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the foil printing process, its powerful advantages, and how it can help you to present your business as you wish.

What Is Foil Printing?

As the name implies, foil printing process is part of the printing processes world, yet, it is a fancy and decorating process that use metallic paper to add an extraordinary touch to the printing result.

More than that, foil printing could be applied to specific letters or graphics in the design, to highlight this part and help it to stand out, moreover, you can use foil printing on different packages or materials, including cartons, cards, posters and way more, in a variety of available colors.

However, foil printing comes in two different types:

  • Hot Foil Printing: the first method that uses heat and pressure to apply the printing on the design.
  • Cold Foil Printing: the 21st-century technique that uses UV-activated adhesive to fix the metallic foil on the design.

The 6 Advantages Of Foil Printing:

Now, as you start to be more interested in the foil printing process, it is time to know more about this printing method’s advantages:

1.    Boost Public Image:

All businesses aim to boost their public image and brand exposure in the best possible way, and having a luxurious and high-end printing quality will for sure deliver that feeling to your customers and clients in the finest package.

Creating products or documents with classy touches, such as foil printing, shows that you care about all the details and want to present the best for your consumers, which will build a positive public image for your business’s brand.

2.    Present High Quality:

A business thriving and continues in the business competitive world is all about quality, how you take care of it, and continue to present it in all details.

However, having foil printing touches added to your products, services, and presentations is an effective method to make your work look fancy and in the best quality.

Especially that taking care of all the details, particularly the small ones, will highlight how much you care about your work and its quality.

3.    Be Unique:

Using foil printing will guarantee not only a unique design for your business, but also a custom one that is made just for you and by your standards.

So, when you have a custom-made item, as with diploma covers and business cards, you will improve your brand awareness greatly, simply because people will see and notice your brand easily.

Whether you add gold, silver, or any other color in the foil printing, a custom and unique design is always a plus.

4.    Add Excitement:

Avoid being boring is not something you can ignore, especially, when you want your clients and customers to be excited about your products, services, and overall business.

More than that, you should not ignore the high importance of the packaging these days, with people considering it as a quality index and sharing excitement when having a quality package.

And that is why investing in foil printing will not only help you achieve that, but also make your brand more memorable.

5.    Enjoy Colors:

With foil printing evolving and developing by years, this does not only include gold and silver anymore, but now foil printing process includes all CMYK colors.

So, boost your brand awareness with the use of its colors in your foil printing production, this will help you to use foil printing as you like and when you like, moreover, add life to your final designs with fancy foil printing touches.

6.    Speak Up:

Any business wishes to attract attention and cause people to turn over and notice its products and services.

More than that, the foil printing process will help your work to stand out in a world full of products, services and competitors with shiny and fancy metallic finishes added to your work.

And remember that having a well-decorated office space, with all the new trends, is not enough to seal the deal, but also your documents and presentations should speak up to your clients with your work.


Whether you are running a small business or an international one, considering foil printing is an effective way to help your products and services to stand out among the crowds, and remember to contact OfficeMe for the best Foil Printers.


The Greatest Glimpse Into The History Of Printer

When talking about the history of printer, we are not only talking about the printer itself and how it was evolved through the years, but in fact, we are talking about many human life features that were attached or developed by the presence and evolution of printers.

As you look around you, you would notice that all the details in your house, the office, or even in the supermarket has something printed on them, whether with captions to clarify any details, logo engraving, and the drawings on the packages of different products.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about the history of printer, its timeline, and its evolution, we invite you to continue reading with us.

The Deep History Of Printing:

If we are discussing the history of printer timeline, then we should go way back than just the invention of the computer printer, to be more accurate, this goes back to 3500 BCE when cylinder seals were used for printing on clay as the first prototype of printers.

Then it expanded into clothes printing, silk, and woodblock as the first usage of the paper printing, which we are familiar with in China during the 7th Century, which was the core of the great book production and printing industry.

On the 11th of May 868, the first known printed book “Chinese Artisan Bi Sheng” was published by the use of movable printing type, and that type turned into movable press type in January 1450, which was used in the creation of the first automatic printing in 1814.

In addition, from that date, the evolution of printers kept going on tell these days when a pocket-size printer for your photos is available.

The Breaking Point Into Computer Printing:

All of the recent history of computer printers, started with Xerox in 1938 which was invented by Chester Carlson, and developed later into the laser printers that we know and use.

For years the evolution of printers kept going on, till the installation of the first computer printer IBM 3800 in a real working office, furthermore, this system was a combination of laser technology and electrophotography.

Now, years afterward 1938, all office spaces must have a printer, printers, or even a whole printing area for big corporations to achieve faster and better working flow, without the need to go outside the office, or outsource such a simple and daily task.

The Evolution Of Printers’ Usage:

Therefore, after building a clear image for the history of printer’s timeline, it is important to talk about its modern usages, which were evolved as every useful innovation, to be part of our semi-daily life, or even daily in the business-wise.

After being an official way to document historical details, printing newspapers, or send  printed messages, now, with many types of available printers for home, commercial or desktop printers, these tools are used for packaging, photos printing, certificates, catalogs, and last but not least foil printing.

Types Of Printers:

There are many available brands and types of printers, that differ in sizes, printing styles, colors’ accuracy, and for sure in shapes and colors, however, selecting the right one depends on your usage, the size and type of paper you need to print on, and where you are going to use it, for illustration, a home office setup will not require a large printer as in a commercial printing house.

But do not worry, with a sea of choices and offers, you will for sure find the best printing machine for your work, needs, and budget.

The Future Of Printing:

After listing all the essential information about the history of printer, it is time to talk about the upcoming future of printers.

Today we are living in a fast-evolving world in which the printer’s industry is part of it, and even it looks like we are giving up on paper for newspapers, books, and even the business organizing process for the sake of digitalizing and e-documenting.

Yet, the printing industry includes way more than just paper printing, especially, with all the industrial packaging, brochures, calendars, planners, and last but not least, the amazing trend of 3D printing.

To Sum Up,

2022 indicators tell us that, as there was a history of printers, and evolution roadmap, there will be a future, however, despite anything, for now, you will for sure require a printer for personal or business usage, thus, make sure to buy the best type by contacting OfficeMe.


Great Reasons Why You Need Personalized Ring Binders In 2022 Updated

Personalized ring binders are something you may not consider for your office in 2022, although; they will have great benefits to your business just after a little work.

Those custom binders are an old-known office method to organize company documents, with many possible sizes, and designs to choose whichever suits you the best.

However; it is highly recommended to go with personalized binders, to get exactly what your business needs, and reflect your business image too.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom Binders?

Sure; ordering personalized ring binders is an easy thing to do, still; take your time considering the next 5 points to end up with perfect custom binders:

  1. Cost: this is the first thing business’s owners take care of while looking for cheap options, however; do not forget that this is a highly cost-effective item among your office equipment.
  2. Ring style: one thing that controls ring binders’ functionality is the ring style, with many options to have what you need.
  3. File binders’ thickness: or ring size, to control the number of the sheet a ring binder can contain, which goes back to your business working amount.
  4. Custom binders’ covers: choosing the right design will help you to include personalized ring binders in your marketing strategy and brand awareness, moreover; better high-end files’ look in your meetings.
  5. Colours: are important also for ring binders, simply; to reflect your business visual identity, and with united colours files used in meetings equipment, you will boost the public image of your business too.

Ring-binder sizes to choose from, that fit your business needs:
It is critical for every business to get ring binders while considering different sizes of binders according to how much paperwork there is.

Each and every business can use different sizes for different departments.

As we said before you cannot run a business and avoid paperwork, fortunately, we came prepared with common sizes of ring binders to fit your business needs.

Binder sizes and how much paper they can handle:

  1. 5 inches binders: that can hold up to 850 pages.
  2. 4 inches binders: that can hold up to 700 pages.
  3. 3 inches binders: that can hold up to 550 pages.
  4. 2 inches binders: that can hold up to 400 pages.
  5. 1.5 inches binders: that can hold up to 350 pages.
  6. 1 inch binders: that can hold up to 200 pages.

5 Reasons To Add Ring Binder File To Your Office Equipment:

There are so many reasons to use personalized ring binders in your office, due to their amazing benefits on the working process in general:

1.   Business Organization:

This is kind of a worldwide usage of personalized ring binders, to set all your one kind of papers in file binders, by this; you will avoid any loss of important papers, or so.

Even; if you consider this an old school method, but you for sure will have paperwork in any business type, more than that; a binder with rings is usually used to organize other items too, like; checks, certificates, and business cards.

To make your usage to file binders more efficient, just add a name tag to write down what each ring binder file includes.

2.   Presentable:

Using personalized ring binders in your business will make your company more and more presentable among your employees and clients, moreover; boost your professionality level in a great way.

Think how custom binders send you far away from other competitors when presenting a work offer to potential clients, this shows how professional and committed you are, not only; to your project, but also; to your business public image too.

3.   Project’s Blog:

Whatever is your business’s category, or your company’s size, you need to set a project record or blog for each project.

Personalized ring binders will help you to maintain researches, reports, project’s stuff records, summaries from clients’ meetings, furthermore; your project’s future plans and goals.

After finishing; you can keep the project’s final analysis from all aspects and clients’ reviews, to set a complete file binder of the project.

4.   Company Photobooks:

Whether; you are making a professional portfolio photobook for your business work samples, or; just making a special one for your company’s memories, it is an awesome idea to use personalized ring binders with pockets for your photos.

With different types of ring binders files, you will for sure find the right type for your company photobooks.

5.   Brand Exposure:

One of the most effective uses of personalized ring binders is simply to boost your brand exposure and awareness, whether; you use it in clients’ meetings, offers’ proposals, or; even among your employees.

More than that; this will give your business an awesome first impression, when meeting with new clients, so; make sure to order your personalized ring binders with your logo, brand’s colour, and any other personal touch you use in your work, to have the impact you are looking for.


It is your business time to benefit from personalized ring binders, contact OfficeMe to have the best file binders in materials, quality, and design.


All About Thermal Binding Machines for 2022 Businesses

So, you are in the business world, then you must have heard about the famous thermal binding machine, and how it helps you to turn your documents or any paperwork into a professional and high-end paper to present to your employees and clients, particularly, when using the suitable thermal binding covers.

Thermal binding machines are becoming more effective and easier to use every day, thus, having one is becoming more convenient for large and small businesses.

Continue reading with us to know more about thermal binding machines, types, processes, advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose the right one for your office’s needs.

What is a Thermal Binding Machine?

First things first, a thermal binding machine is one of the different types of binding machines.

A thermal binding machine uses heat to bind a set of paper into a thermal binding cover with a special glue to make professional business documents that are more reliable and fixed than other binding types.

The 3 Working Steps of Thermal Binding Machines:

Although, the process of a thermal binding machine is just a three steps process, and will require about 1 minute, yet, there are a few things to prepare before starting:

  • Finish your document and print it without any errors or mistakes.
  • Choose the right thermal binding cover size based on your document’s paper size and amount.

Then you can start the thermal binding easy and effective process:

  1. Place the document at the desired spot.
  2. Turn on the thermal binding machine and wait till it is done.
  3. Place your document on the cooling rack.

Now, after knowing how easy the process is you understand why it is a must-have tool for your office space.

Thermal Binding Advantages:

Many advantages can be added by thermal binding machine to your workflow and space:

  • Thermal binding machines give your paper and document a professional look.
  • A flexible machine as you can bind the amount of paper you need, moreover, by reheating you can add or remove the paper from the document.
  • You can customize the binding covers easily with foil printers.
  • V paper works great with the thermal binding machine to achieve full display and opening for your documents.
  • Easy to use and in your office space.

So, this is a great addition to your working process and documents.

Thermal Binding Disadvantages:

Yes, nothing is 100% perfect, unfortunately, but still, the thermal binding machine has lower disadvantages compared to its amazing advantages:

  • Although a thermal binding machine is cost-effective, yet, it is an expensive tool for startup businesses with a limited budget.
  • It is not that easy to manually add or remove paper into the binding cover after the document is thermally bound.
  • Documents may get loose, over time, when not using a good glue type.

Thus, with the right use, you can forget about these disadvantages and benefit from the advantages.

Types of Thermal Binding Machines:

And now, to help you make a fully informed decision, we are going to present to you, based on our long experience and many customers’ feedback, the best thermal binding machines:

  • Thermal Binding Machine 120
  • Thermal Binding Machine 60
  • Thermal Binding Machine 8.1
  • Thermal Binding Machine 8.2
  • Thermal Binding Machine 8.4

How to Choose the Right Thermal Binding Machine:

Whether, you are doing this as part of your business organizing process, or to present professional documents for your clients, there are a few points to consider before choosing and buying:

  • Set your budget: knowing how much you can spend on a thermal binding machine helps you to set a list of choices to find your perfect match.
  • The amount of work: to know whether you need a pro-level, or an entry-level thermal binding machine to handle your paperwork.
  • Online reviews: search for your chosen products, more than that, find out what other people are saying about them, their reliability, and their results.
  • Contact your provider: to find the best source for the chosen product with the best price, after-sale service, and even insurance.


A thermal binding machine is not only a good-looking accessory to add to your space but also a required tool with its amazing uses and benefits.

Choose the right type for your business and contact Office Me for the best thermal binding machine.